WHo we are


METRO Church exists to exalt Jesus and equip disciples.


METRO Church desires to be a community that celebrates the presence of Jesus, demonstrates the love of Jesus, educates the disciples of Jesus, and communicates the words of Jesus.


The inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible as the Word of God.
The existence of only one true God as three coequal and co-eternal persons (namely, the Trinity).
The deity and substitutionary atonement of Christ.
Salvation by grace and faith in Jesus Christ alone.
The bodily resurrection of Christ.
The physical return of Christ.


In 1985

Metro Church of God was formally established on July 7th, 1985 with 10 founding families and Rev. T. V. George as the Senior Pastor. Inaugural services were led by Rev. James Smith, the District Superintendent of Church of God, Weatherford TX.

In 1986

In 1986, we bought our first church building in South Dallas. It was a humble beginning, but God enabled us to worship Him there in spirit and in truth. Even though the building was small, the joy of the Lord was exuberant in that place. There was a call of God upon a few of our young people for his ministry, and thereafter the church began supporting mission works as well as missionaries in India. Our support in India grew through charitable works such as feeding people, buying clothes, and helping start orphanages.

In 1993

In 1993, through God's provision we acquired a larger facility in Irving, TX. The church’s focus remained missional and the vision to gain souls for the Lord was always foremost. We put our faith in the power of prayer, and gave much importance to fasting and prayer. In one of our fasting meetings, through a prophetic word, God revealed to us that we would build a new church facility, and even provided a description of the property that would house the new building. By faith we acquired 2 ½ acres of land in Farmers Branch. 

In 2004

We then completed the work of the church building in the year of 2004, marking God's time and plan for the completion of this endeavor. The building and facility was further expanded and new sections were added to accommodate the growth. 

In 2006

In 2006, Rev T.V. George retired from his pastoral duties.

In 2007

In 2007, Rev. Satish Kumar was appointed as the Senior Lead Pastor and has been in the same role since then. Under his leadership and with the assistance of other men and women of God, we continue to pursue the destiny that the Lord has given to Metro Church of God.

In 2019

In April, the church installed Pr. Reuben Philip as the Student/Creative Pastor.

In 2020

In March, the church installed Pr. Linson Daniel as the Associate Pastor.

In 2022

In May, the church promoted Pr. Reuben Philip as the Worship/Creative Pastor and installed Pr. Jeromy Jose as the new Student Pastor. Also, in June, the church hired Josh Thomas as our Tech Director.

In July, the church opened a new campus in Frisco, TX.

In 2023

In July, the church installed Pr. Sam Varughese as the Campus Pastor for our Frisco location.