What Do You See?

October 14, 2020
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The above picture is from a trail that I go for walking. Sometimes I spend some time in front of this body of water. Every time I am there I am reminded of the beauty of His creation as I get to see small animals like squirrel and birds on the trees and of course the greenery around the small pond.

I have noticed at least two ways in which the water moves. Sometimes there is a domino effect of ripples after ripples in the water. It is beautiful to watch the growing ripples crossing over into other ripples and then just merging to become one large one which ends at the borders of the water.

Secondly I have observed how the wind shakes up the water and instead of ripples I see the entire body of water being moving as waves after waves. It seems that it will be a never ending waves only to end at the borders of the water. Every time I watch that I feel a tug of the Holy Spirit on my heart. What do you see? And then the next question that comes to me is what do I want?

Growing up whenever you came across any body of still water we played the game of sliding our stones to create ripples. We also wanted to see who can make the most rings in the water. But then I have been to ocean where ripples don’t mean anything. It is the huge waves that one gets to see and enjoy.

I got what the Holy Spirit was asking me. Do you see the ripples or the waves. The ripples were created by something falling into the water or any leaf or twig falling from the trees. The waves were created by the wind. Ripples can create a chain reaction. But waves can cause the whole body of water to move. I sensed the Holy Spirit saying do you want ripple effect or wave effect. I prefer the wind to move so that the entire body of water is moving in waves.

I believe that Holy Spirit as the wind of God can move the entire church to cause a wave of renewal and restoration. What we need today is not just some ripples alone but God’s Spirit move in a dynamic manner bringing everyone under its mighty impact and move God’s people into glorifying God and serving others.

In Ezekiel 37 we find the prophet being moved in the Spirit to a valley of dry bones. God’s question was straight forward. Can these bones live? The prophet was little hesitant. But God entrusted him to proclaim that yes they will indeed live when the word of God is spoken and the spirit of God moves. The only two ingredients to bring revival and restoration is the Word of God and the Spirit of God.

Will we allow ourselves to be under the sway of the wind of God to cause a wave of God’s glory? What do you see? And what do you want? I sensed and said Lord I want you to move as "ruah" of God upon us so that we will cause not just a ripple effect but a tidal wave.

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