Be an Encourager!

October 18, 2020
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I would like to share an experience from last week.

There are times in life when we all get discouraged and last week was one like that. In ministry too often discouragement comes to defeat God’s plans and purpose for us. We tend to ask Lord why am I doing this? Does it really matter to anyone? I was feeling low struggling with these never ending questions.

Then this came to me.

I received the picture above sent to me by a friend of ours from another state. She also shared a long text. Some years back we had the opportunity to meet them in a conference. After the conference was over, myself and Pastor took some time to spend with them and prayed with them. She said that she doesn’t recollect every conversation or even the prayer but somehow a spark was kindled. Both she and her husband were going through a rough patch in life.

They had tried to become parents for many years unsuccessfully. They both felt that they needed to listen to God and step into ministry. But nothing was working. But that Sunday afternoon the Lord renewed them and lo and behold in few years they became the proud parents of twins. It had taken almost 12 years of marriage and it was indeed a miracle for them.

Then few years later they also got plugged into a small church as pastors where God began to use them for His glory. Through these years she kept going back to that Sunday afternoon that we spend together. Then she took this picture to share that when they wanted to quit in life they began to realize that in their growth there has been a wall of support and encouragement given to them.

So her note said, "Chechi, you don’t know how much you have been a strong wall for us to grow."

That message brought a fresh lease of life to me. Sometimes even without us knowing we can make an eternal difference in some one’s life. So here I was feeling discouraged and disappointed and then I was made aware that if not anything else but if alone I can be an encourager for someone that is worth it.

So, the Lord reminded me not to quit.

We may not see the results immediately but God is always working in the background to bring out His perfect plans and purposes. Can we continue to trust Him and be obedient to the call of God? In the New Testament Barnabas is called the son of encouragement. We don’t see him write a gospel or epistle but he was instrumental in mentoring a Paul whom God used to establish churches and pen many epistles and also John Mark who wrote one of the profound gospel narrative on the life of Jesus.

So be an encourager in this season. God is leading you to become a wall in someone’s life.

Will you be sensitive to listen to the Holy Spirit?

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