Deep and Wide

February 2, 2021
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I want you to think about the purest form of love you have ever felt.

A time where you look back and smile because you felt so loved! How did that feel? For me I felt the most loved when my husband planned out such a fun birthday weekend for me a few years ago. It was the first birthday we got to celebrate together as a married couple!

He had many surprises along the way and at the end of the weekend he got all of my friends and loved ones together to celebrate my birthday. I remember feeling so warm inside and thinking “I can’t believe he loves me this much!”

Whenever life gets hard or I feel discouraged I think about those moments of love. I always think to myself, if this is the purest form of love that I have felt in an earthly sense, how much more does my Heavenly Father love and care for me? In Ephesians we read about the love of Christ, about how wide and long and high and deep it is, and how that love surpasses knowledge.

Can you imagine a love that is so intense, all covering, all knowing and surpasses all understanding?

A love that is so deep and wide that the Creator of the universe would send His only pure and blameless son, to give his life for you and me. A love that holds no wrongs against us, that is reckless and all consuming. Seems kind of overwhelming? This love is also calm, gentle and is never forceful. That’s the love that Jesus has for each and every one of us.

Recently I’ve been praying, “Jesus fill me with your love and let me feel your love.” Here’s the thing about the love of Jesus, when we are filled with His love, it fills us up and it ends up overflowing to other people. His love is called to be shared with others. To flow out of us and to remind the world of His never ending love. My prayer this week is that we would all connect with Jesus in a way that helps us feel that deep and wide love.

I want to encourage you to do things that help you connect with Jesus and help remind you of His love.

Maybe that might be journaling, cooking your favorite meal, experiencing nature; doing what brings rest to your soul and helps you connect with the Lover of your soul.  And when we are filled with that love, that deep and wide love, we will pour out that love onto others.

Will you connect with His love today and share it with one other person?

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