Spending Time with God in Solitude

December 2, 2020
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I have been learning the importance of rest during the busyness of my life.

But there was a word that really stuck out to me as I started to realize the importance of rest. That word was solitude. Many people think of that word in a negative light. It could mean isolation, loneliness or even boredom. But as I looked at the depth and importance of that word, I understood why it is vital for us as believers.

When we read in scripture Jesus would often leave large crowds to flee into solitude. Jesus withdrew himself from the busyness of life to spend quality time with God the Father.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. - Luke 5:16

During this pandemic I personally have been learning the importance of being in solitude with God. I learned that I need to find a space outside of the commotion of life to spend quality time with God. And in doing so there was a a lot of peace and serenity that came with it.

We, as believers, think that we need rest and solitude to recharge, but that shouldn’t be the sole reason you have solitude. But we must enjoy basking in the presence of God and fully enjoying the conversations and adventures you have with Him. Solitude is a time set aside for only you and God.

There are times when solitude is better than society, and silence is wiser than speech. - Charles Spurgeon  

The picture that you see is one that I took last week in downtown Richardson. I took the stairs to the highest point of a car garage, and for a few minutes I sat there with my Bible, camera and experienced the dense air around me.

This was my way of removing myself from the noise around me to spend alone time with God. This picture reflects the busyness of life that unfolds in life, but I was intentional about removing myself so that I would be alone with God on the distant rooftop.

What about you?

Are you taking time to be alone with God?

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